ARP Spoofing in Zingbox Inspector (PAN-SA-2019-0034)

Last revised: 10/01/2019


A security vulnerability exists in Zingbox Inspector that allows for the Inspector to be susceptible to ARP spoofing. (Ref: CVE-2019-15022)

Severity: Low

The vulnerability allows for an attacker to perform ARP spoofing attacks against the Zingbox Inspector.

Products Affected

Zingbox Inspector, versions 1.294 and earlier.

Available Updates

Zingbox Inspector, version 1.295 and later.

Workarounds and Mitigations

In the normal course of operation, Zingbox Inspector automatically updates its own software, and a fixed version of software has already been made available. No user action is required unless the software is unable to update itself. Customers still running affected versions of Zingbox Inspector software can mitigation this issue by updating to a patched version, or by segmenting the Zingbox Inspector to its own subnet.


Note: This security issue was found during an internal security audit performed during the Palo Alto Networks acquisition of Zingbox. The issues discovered during this process have been addressed in software updates as described in the published Zingbox security advisories.