NTP Vulnerabilities (PAN-SA-2016-0019)

Last revised: 10/18/2016


The open source ntp project has been found to contain several vulnerabilities (CVE-2015-8158, CVE-2015-8138, CVE-2015-7979, CVE-2015-7978, CVE-2015-7977, CVE-2015-7976, CVE-2015-7975, CVE-2015-7974, CVE-2015-7973, all released in January 2016). Palo Alto...

Severity: Low

Also Palo Alto Networks make use of the affected version of ntp, no exploitation condition are known at the time of this advisory

Products Affected

PAN-OS 5.0.19 and earlier; PAN-OS 5.1.12 and earlier; PAN-OS 6.0.1 and earlier; PAN-OS 6.1.12 and earlier; PAN-OS 7.0.8 and earlier; PAN-OS 7.1.3 and earlier

Available Updates

PAN-OS 5.0.20 and later; PAN-OS 5.1.13 and later; PAN-OS 6.0.15 and later; PAN-OS 6.1.13 and later; PAN-OS 7.0.9 and later; PAN-OS 7.1.4 and later

Workarounds and Mitigations