Verbose Error Messages (PAN-SA-2012-0001)

Last revised: 04/27/2012


Under certain conditions, when unexpected input is provided to the web-based management UI, overly verbose error information is delivered back to the client. This does not directly result in any specific vulnerability, however this information is helpful to an attacker. (Ref #33139)

Severity: Low

This issue results in verbose error messages in specific cases, and does not directly result in an exploitable condition or product vulnerability. Overly verbose error messages can be helpful to an attacker looking to collect information on how a system is architected.

Products Affected

PAN-OS 4.0.7 and earlier; PAN-OS 3.0.x is not affected.

Available Updates

PAN-OS 4.0.8 and later.

Workarounds and Mitigations

This issue affects the management interface of the device. Security appliance management best practices dictate that the management interface be isolated and strictly limited only to security administration personnel.