Palo Alto Networks Security Advisories / CVE-2023-22809

CVE-2023-22809 Impact of Sudo Vulnerability CVE-2023-22809



The Palo Alto Networks Product Security Assurance team has evaluated the sudo software vulnerability CVE-2023-22809 and has determined that the following Palo Alto Networks products do not expose the sudo program and, therefore, do not offer any scenarios required for successful exploitation of this vulnerability.

CVE-2023-22809Conditions required for exploiting this vulnerability do not exist in Cloud NGFW, PAN-OS, Prisma Access, or Prisma SD-WAN.

Product Status

Cloud NGFW Noneall
PAN-OS Noneall
Prisma Access Noneall
Prisma SD-WAN ION Noneall

Exploitation Status

Palo Alto Networks is not aware of any malicious exploitation of this issue on any of our products.


No product updates are required for this vulnerability.


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